Ardbeg Blasda

Category Whisky
Brand Ardbeg Blasda

Released in 2008, Blasda (Gaelic for sweet and delicious) presents an opportunity to experience Ardbeg in a different light: Chill-filtered. The release was limited.

Nose: Easily identifiable as an Ardbeg but with the smoke definitely toned down several notches. Iodine and medicinal notes with citrus and lemon drops. Lemon detergent notes (Handy Andy), grassy, and young green apples. Sparkling white grape juice (Appletiser).

Taste: Watery sweetness, not very well rounded. I hate to say it, but a distinctive lack of body and depth.

Finish: Short and youthful, and as you swallow a slight coarseness. Bitter apple skin, white pepper and a light vanilla. The smoke is much more prominent.

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