Bourbon Day

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June 12, 2019

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Bourbon Day

Bourbon aficionados everywhere know that there are a few names that have earned a reputation at the top of the whiskey world. Jim Beam is undeniably one of them. Bourbon day is June 14th and it is approaching rapidly! In honor of this most sacred holiday for whiskey lovers, we thought we would take a look at Aruba Trading’s extensive list of various Jim Beam specialties. They include:

• 4 different types of white label
• 3 different blends of black label
• 2 different apple labels
• 2 different rye offerings
• 2 different kinds of Red Stag (black cherry and spiced)
• Ghost
• Goney
• Devil’s Cut
• Fire

These various crafts differ in flavor, texture, boldness, aging, and several other distinctive creative and storage methods. So whether you are a distinguished connoisseur of bourbons or just a casual enjoyer of an occasional cocktail, chances are good that we offer a brand and a blend that you will enjoy.

Jim Beam Black Labels, for example, are aged much longer than White Labels. This gives them a bold and smooth quality. Hints of caramel and oak accompany this variety. These are premium whiskeys and often satisfy even the discerning drinker. It is usually best enjoyed when sipped and savored.

Devil’s Cut

The Devil’s Cut specialty label is perhaps the most unique brand of bourbon available on the market today, and that’s thanks to the brand’s aging process. Evaporation is part of the aging process for any quality bourbon. This has always been known as the angel’s share within the industry. But it’s not the only aspect of the process that is important. When you age premium bourbons time and again, some of it gets trapped in the barrels themselves and gets refined over and over. Jim Beam has come up with a secret way to extract that bourbon from the barrels, and has dubbed it the “Devil’s Cut”. In other words, there is no competition for this distinct blend and recipe. If you want a whiskey of this kind, you must get it from Jim Beam.

Ghost White Whiskey

One final specialty from the Beam family comes from the company’s founder Jacob Beam, in the form of his Ghost White Whiskey. But don’t let the color fool you – this spirit is as full-bodied and flavorful as any other premium bourbon. It features a smoky background with notes of sweet corn and vanilla.

It can be enjoyed in any of the ways that any other whiskey is served, but it is also a common practice among bartenders to substitute traditional clear liquor bases in mixed drinks with Jacob’s Ghost White.

If you’re in the mood for something different than Jim Beam’s offerings, we also have four different types of Maker’s Mark bourbons also available well as their premium Maker’s 46 label.

Whatever flavor is your favorite, Bourbon Day is a great excuse to try some new and old favorites. Aruba Trading has you covered.