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Sales have been a family tradition for six generations, beginning in 1860 with the merchant sailor Eliau Moses Curiel. Following his death, his son Morris E. Curiel sold his schooners to fund the first of his family’s stores, known as “La Casa Amarilla”, in the year of 1887. This first store took root in Curaçao, and Curiel would go on to start many more businesses in its wake.

Aruba Trading Company began as a branch of one such company, Morris E. Curiel & Sons. Following in the Curiel tradition, it soon became its own entity, branching out into different areas of business.

Today we deliver our products to more than 600 relations located all over Aruba; companies, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and private clients. We value each and every one of our clients and work hard to maintain a high level of trust.