Go Fast with Aruba Trading Company

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June 12, 2019

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One of the most fun and exciting events going on this summer is the Go Fast campaign being put on by Aruba Trading Company. But first, let’s talk about the Go Fast energy drink itself. Uniquely designed with athletes in mind, this is not your typical energy drink filled with unhealthy ingredients and numerous other questionable additives.

Go Fast Facts

Go Fast contains no high fructose corn syrup, no aspartame, and no preservatives. This is becoming more and more of a demand amongst athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people of all activity levels who are interested in a healthier and more natural energy supplement. It can deliver boosts and spikes of energy throughout the day without leading to sugar crashes.

About the Go Fast Contest

Not only is Aruba Trading offering a healthy and effective alternative to the traditional energy drink market, they are also promoting an incredible contest this summer. The rules couldn’t be simpler and the prizes are very generous.

If you have been looking for a better choice when it comes to energy drinks, or if you are someone who is already familiar with the quality product that Go Fast provides, now you can win some awesome prizes while enjoying your favorite pick-me-up. Here are some of the prizes being offered:

• Bushiri carting lessons
• Skate board
• Skim board
• Long board
• Kite board
• Free lesson from Venture Holidays

Aruba Trading believes in giving back to its customers by creating exciting events that not only offer great prizes and rewards just for purchasing and using its products, but also ones that encourage healthy living through fun activities. When exercise is combined with interesting and enticing hobbies, there is a much better chance it will last. Many Go Fast users are big fans of prizes like these.

Since Go Fast is geared towards more active and fitness-minded people, the input of many different athletes and exercise enthusiasts was sought after. People from all kinds of various sports and activities weighed in on what they wanted in an energy drink. These athletes included runners, racers, swimmers, cyclists, flyers, and numerous other athletes and active hobbyists.

The process to enter to win is easy. Anytime you purchase three or more Go Fast Energy Drinks, all you have to do is write your phone number and your name on the front of the receipt and then take a picture of it. After that, just send it to Aruba Trading Company’s Facebook page, and you can take your shot at winning any one of those great prizes.

You can also learn more about the contest by visiting this link