Hendrik’s Cucumber Day

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June 8, 2019

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Do you seek a world where the commonplace is rare and the unusual is everywhere?

Then, Welcome to Hendrick’s Gin…To honor our unlikely botanical superstar, we invite you, all wonder seekers to join us…on June 14th, for the very first time in its history, Hendrick’s Gin will cultivate the unusual right here in Aruba.

Hendrick's Cucumber Day

Let's celebrate Hendrick's Cucumber Day on June 14, are you in ?

Posted by ARUBA TRADING COMPANY on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

For people who love gin as well as eclectic and high energy events, Aruba Trading Company’s Cucumber Day celebration is a must-see. Imagine attending a soiree with a world class mixologist whipping up classic cocktails and signature blends and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the day has in store. Not only that but delicious finger foods and appetizer portioned treats are the perfect accompaniment to make sure you enjoy the event as well as manage and pace your alcohol consumption. We want to make sure guests stay safe as well as have a good time.

About the Date

This all takes place on June 14th in Aruba and is in honor of not only Hendrick’s highly popular gin, but (as you may have already guessed) also the cucumber, which plays a unique and significant part in the overall product. Hendrick’s uses cucumber (along with Bulgarian rose) for flavor and aroma.

About Hendrick’s Gin

One of the things that makes this gin so individualistic has a lot to do with the fascinating story surrounding the stills it is produced in. This particular gin is created using blend from a Carter-Head Still, which was invented in 1948, and a small pot or Bennett still which was first designed in 1860. These units, when combined, produce a very distinct bodied and flavored gin.

Both stills were purchased at auction and restored in the 1960s, paving the way to the creation of one of the finest and smoothest gins in the world. Hendrick’s can be enjoyed in any of the traditional mixtures and drinks in which other gins, as well as most clear liquors, can be consumed.

Enjoy Hendrick’s Your Way

In a tonic with a lime is one choice, although these distillers suggest a cucumber garnish in place of limes and lemons. Others like it in a martini. A little cucumber juice in place of olive juice makes a “cleaner” martini, as opposed to dirty. Regardless of your personal preference, at Aruba Trading Company’s all out event, our bartenders or mixologist will find your favorite concoction. In keeping with the cucumber theme of the day, there will be a hidden golden cucumber somewhere in the vicinity as well, and whoever finds this elusive produce with a precious metal finish will win a generous Hendrick’s Gin Gift Basket.

Interested in participating?

June 14th is the scheduled date, from 7pm to 10pm. It will be held at the Baz-RRR Galleria and Brassiere. You can contact the event center directly, or Aruba Trading Company at Westraat 17 or 597-1528.

Call or stop by today to reserve your place.