In moderation you enjoy more

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Colombia's national alcoholic beverage is Aguardiente. Antioqueño is the best-selling Aguardiente in Colombia and in the world for that matter. It is made with extra neutral alcohols that, when mixed and combined with natural essences of anise and drinking water treated with carbon filters, produce a drink with a good aroma and an incomparable flavor.

It has a 29% alcohol content. Colombians usually drink it straight, in shots. They drink it everywhere. You haven't lived until you've witnessed a seventy year old couple polish off a bottle between them on the bus from Bogota to Medellin.


In moderation you enjoy more


Aguardiente Antioqueño sin azucar 35.5cl/75cl
Aguardiente Antioqueño con azucar 35.5cl/75cl

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